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How An Introvert Became A Bold Public Speaker

Shantel Stubbs, Quick Testimony of Going From the Back of the Room to the Front

Shantel Stubbs always has had a way with her words. When she was young she was given awards for her short stories. When Stubbs was in middle school she had her first poem published. Stubbs eventually went to Western Kentucky University to major in Journalism. Although she has always been good with words she has never been one who was thrilled to speak in front of large crowds.

"I can remember being on dance teams and being really nervous in front of large crowds, but entirely comfortable in front of small groups," Stubbs said.

Stubbs became a member of Master Builders Academy in 2017. She graduated from undergraduate studies that same year. She was apart of the media team for Master Builders Academy and thought that was where she'd remain.

"I was comfortable being in the back of the room holding up time cards, and attempting to create the website," she said.

Although, Stubbs envisioned her role being in the background she has become one of the frequent presenters for Master Builders Academy. Stubbs describes herself as an introvert, but she has unknowingly become a powerhouse speaker.

"I'm very bold and confident when I present now, I remember my first time presenting I could barley speak for 10 minutes, now I'm barley getting everything out in 15 minutes," Stubbs said.

Stubbs accredits the Master Builder Academy team for her stepping out of her comfort zone. She recalls telling a faculty member in college that she wanted to be a motivational speaker and she was laughed off.

"Sometimes all it takes is for the right people to encourage and validate your dreams," Stubbs said

Stubbs is the youngest board member for Master Builders Academy, but says that she feels like an equal.

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