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Our Mission

Our Mission

Developing People. 

Building Businesses. 

Establishing Financial Futures.

Our Core Values

Be punctual. Be dependable. Be excellent. Be detailed. Be passionate & motivated. Be optimistic & positive. Be hungry & studious. Be supportive. Be benevolent. Be ethical. 

Our Vision

Inspiring Communities to Achieve Intellectual and Economic Renaissance.

Hard work beats talents when talent doesn't work hard 

Master Builders Academy is a nonprofit organization fixated on the unification and empowerment of our community through education in the areas of financial solvency, personal development, and the elimination of the penurious mindset.


Master Builders Academy began in 2014. The vision for this organization was given to President, Micheal E. Ford Jr. The heart of this organization is for people. This organization wants see people develop as individuals. It seeks to see people build their dreams into businesses, and it wants to help motivated and willing people establish financial futures for themselves.​

- Master Builders Academy

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